Monday, March 28, 2011

Story Time

Everyone loves a good story. Fortunately when you have a sister many many tales morph out of goofing off. Up to this point everyone, or the two people who read my blog, pictures Katie as an angel. Angel, yes, always good, not always... If sisters did not quarell some of the time I do not believe they could truly be sisters.
I was a regular six year old minding my own business NEVER getting in the way of my older sisters. For some reason my oldest sister Katie decided to eat at least the equivalent to five cloves of garlic, then proceded to pin me down and breathe in my face until I gagged! GROSS. I was so angry I didn't talk to her for a whole day. Well it seemed like a whole day it was probably about thirty minutes max. Anyway I got over it quick because I really cannot go very long without talking to my big sis and I would not want to. The arguing makes you closer and the closeness makes you closer.

For the record I used to be permanently attached to my sisters butt and now I am still trying to hold on for dear life. I guess I can understand an occasional frustration arising from having a hemoroid that never goes away. Love you Big Sis

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