Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Sister

My first post is appropriatetly titled, after all I am writing about being a little sister so why not describe the person who inspired me. Mary Poppins describes my sister to a tee, "Practically perfect in every way." Katie, now a FAMOUS soap maker, has lived her life up to this point very well, making excellent choices. I hope to live up to her example. Nice simply does not cut it when describing my sister, she is compassionate, loving and the most giving human being. She has two beautiful boys who I am proud to call my nephews. Kate married a british golf professional and they have a wonderful life together, hopefully I will have the same luck in finding my significant other. Katie inspires me to be better and to love others because you never know when you will need that same love. So I just described a perfect person I know, hahahaha even if Kate does not see herself as I described, I see her in this light. The bond that a big sister shares with her little sis cannot be matched, it is a special feeling to know you will always have someone to laugh and to cry with who knows your ins and outs better than anyone else ever could. I plan to tell tales and humorous stories from my relationship with my big sister on this blog and to encourage younger sisters to share these stories and embrace the fact of having a smarter older sister...

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