Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So yesterday I was driving home from college. Pretty mundane... or so I thought. About one mile from my house a huge object comes hurling out of nowhere and busts my winshield! After this UFO appeared I almost wrecked, bit my lip, which is a little horrific when you have braces, and almost cried. A moment like this, in the life of a little sister, requires knowledge of what your big sister would do. I did not cry, I simply took a deep breath and thought what would Katie do. I went home, ate some comfort food, and took a small nap. Exactly what I needed. I then proceeded to call my big sis to tell her the whole story. I told her I thought it might be charma, because the previous day I had been hitting golf balls off of the hill in front of our house... I knew that would make her laugh. So after a little sisterly encouragement I felt better and am now on a quest to replace my busted winshield. Big sis saves the day once again.

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