Tuesday, November 29, 2011


Sometimes in the trials and triumphs of life, the mind comes to a standstill. Our brains ponder the decisions to be made and simply cannot decide what to do. For those of us with an older sibling who has already been through it all, the decisions do not have to be made alone. My big sis helps me with pretty much everything. I cannot do anything without consulting her or wanting to know her opinion. Granted sometimes I do not always choose the way she would choose but that is part of being myself. Even if I do not follow the advice it helps me no matter what and makes me realize that I probably should have taken it when all is said and done. I love my Big Sis and she is my hero. I am very thankful for her advice and I am sure there will be many more years of receiving it.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Life is beautiful. As is my big sister Ashley and the brand new life she has just brought into the world. Children are a  gift from our Father to his children. God knows that our children define who we are and what we do. Children give life to their parents as well as to the rest of their family. Children are building blocks and carry with them traditions and love. God has blessed me with four beautiful and perfect nephews. I hope to share with them my family's beautiful life, love, and tradition.
The strong bonds that my family holds are for fierce weather and shall not be broken by trial. My family is a rock that is often carried by fierce rivers into to trial and to calm, and we are made stronger by that which does not kill us. As new members to my family are added I feel the love strengthening and bringing us even closer as a unit. I am so glad that God loves me and my family so much that he blesses us with each other and new beautiful life that only he can give.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Story Time

Everyone loves a good story. Fortunately when you have a sister many many tales morph out of goofing off. Up to this point everyone, or the two people who read my blog, pictures Katie as an angel. Angel, yes, always good, not always... If sisters did not quarell some of the time I do not believe they could truly be sisters.
I was a regular six year old minding my own business NEVER getting in the way of my older sisters. For some reason my oldest sister Katie decided to eat at least the equivalent to five cloves of garlic, then proceded to pin me down and breathe in my face until I gagged! GROSS. I was so angry I didn't talk to her for a whole day. Well it seemed like a whole day it was probably about thirty minutes max. Anyway I got over it quick because I really cannot go very long without talking to my big sis and I would not want to. The arguing makes you closer and the closeness makes you closer.

For the record I used to be permanently attached to my sisters butt and now I am still trying to hold on for dear life. I guess I can understand an occasional frustration arising from having a hemoroid that never goes away. Love you Big Sis

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Weekday Blues

The weekend brought laughter and happiness as I knew it would. We didn't break out the redneck slip and slide, but we still had a blast. Mom, Katie and myself had an excellent couple of days soaking up most, if not all, of the sun's bright rays. The warm feeling of the sun warming my skin reminded me of that warm feeling I get in my heart when my family is happy and sharing great times together. Knowing that I have a support system that will back me up is ballin'. No one can take who I am, or where and how I have grown up, away from me. My life is who I am and my past continues to shape my future. Without my sister, her teasing love and warm heart, I would not be the person I am today and the person I will become. So thank you Kate, I can't wait for all of the great times we haven't shared yet, and I am so thankful for the ones we already have.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Coming Home!

Big News! Katie is coming to Blairs vegas for the weekend! So I am pretty excited. Sun, sun tan oil, and sisters; what more could anyone ask for? Last summer Kate, Mom, and I set up a redeck slip n slide (a tarp held down by big rocks, covered with hose water and dish soap), we had so much fun hopefully we will try it out agin Saturday. The kids loved it... and so did the BIG kids.Family time is priceless and all of my happiest moments come from being with my family. Kate always reminds me of that fact, and now I see her raising her own family to cherish those happy moments, I am so blessed I get to share some of them. The best part about having a sister is being able to share with someone happy memories that will last forever.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


So yesterday I was driving home from college. Pretty mundane... or so I thought. About one mile from my house a huge object comes hurling out of nowhere and busts my winshield! After this UFO appeared I almost wrecked, bit my lip, which is a little horrific when you have braces, and almost cried. A moment like this, in the life of a little sister, requires knowledge of what your big sister would do. I did not cry, I simply took a deep breath and thought what would Katie do. I went home, ate some comfort food, and took a small nap. Exactly what I needed. I then proceeded to call my big sis to tell her the whole story. I told her I thought it might be charma, because the previous day I had been hitting golf balls off of the hill in front of our house... I knew that would make her laugh. So after a little sisterly encouragement I felt better and am now on a quest to replace my busted winshield. Big sis saves the day once again.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Big Sister

My first post is appropriatetly titled, after all I am writing about being a little sister so why not describe the person who inspired me. Mary Poppins describes my sister to a tee, "Practically perfect in every way." Katie, now a FAMOUS soap maker, has lived her life up to this point very well, making excellent choices. I hope to live up to her example. Nice simply does not cut it when describing my sister, she is compassionate, loving and the most giving human being. She has two beautiful boys who I am proud to call my nephews. Kate married a british golf professional and they have a wonderful life together, hopefully I will have the same luck in finding my significant other. Katie inspires me to be better and to love others because you never know when you will need that same love. So I just described a perfect person I know, hahahaha even if Kate does not see herself as I described, I see her in this light. The bond that a big sister shares with her little sis cannot be matched, it is a special feeling to know you will always have someone to laugh and to cry with who knows your ins and outs better than anyone else ever could. I plan to tell tales and humorous stories from my relationship with my big sister on this blog and to encourage younger sisters to share these stories and embrace the fact of having a smarter older sister...