Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Life is beautiful. As is my big sister Ashley and the brand new life she has just brought into the world. Children are a  gift from our Father to his children. God knows that our children define who we are and what we do. Children give life to their parents as well as to the rest of their family. Children are building blocks and carry with them traditions and love. God has blessed me with four beautiful and perfect nephews. I hope to share with them my family's beautiful life, love, and tradition.
The strong bonds that my family holds are for fierce weather and shall not be broken by trial. My family is a rock that is often carried by fierce rivers into to trial and to calm, and we are made stronger by that which does not kill us. As new members to my family are added I feel the love strengthening and bringing us even closer as a unit. I am so glad that God loves me and my family so much that he blesses us with each other and new beautiful life that only he can give.

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